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A Mega Medical And Surgical Camp At Kapchorwa General Hospital

RTC and Mulago Islamic Medical Student’s Association (MIMSA) in partnership with Kapchorwa District Hospital conducted a mega medical and surgical camp in Kapchorwa District that lasted for 2 days and was attended by over 800 individuals.

The participants involved professional medical persons from many sectors of the country’s recognized health system, medical students and public health practitioners among others. These involved alumni of the association (MIMSA), RTC management, staff from Kapchorwa Hospital, and other well-wishers in the line of charity like SPiFF.

In general, it was a splendid experience for the participants and our partners, whereas for our patients, many wished it lasted longer and were grateful such essential services reached them free of charge.

Kapchorwa District Hospital is located in the Eastern part of Uganda and serves the districts of Kapchorwa, Kween, Bulambuli, Bukwo and parts of Amudat. The services offered during the camp included the following;

Rehabilitation services like orthopedics, occupational therapy and physiotherapy. Dental services involved procedures like teeth extractions, check-ups and oral care sensitization. On the Ear, Nose and throat department (ENT) most common conditions addressed involved hearing loss, waxed ears, balance problems, nose blockages and sinusitis. Laboratory services tests made included MRDT for malaria, Widal tests for typhoid, HIV (determine, unigold, stat pack), urinalysis and H-pylori tests.

Education and mentorship, public health specialists moved around the homesteads within Kapchorwa municipality checking on sanitation levels and educating the communities on general health care and sanitation. Surgery department procedures involved; safe male circumcision, epigastric hernia surgery, cervical incompetence, lipectomy, foetal distress polyhydramnios, macrosomia check-ups, screening for cancers, surgical toileting and suturing.

Radiography department, among the imaging’s made involved; abdominal scans, cervical scans, chest (thoracic) scans, Abdominal Pelvic scans, Obstetrics, Musculo-skeletal scans

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