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Developing a Gender Based Violence (GBV) Referral Pathway with the Kapchorwa District

On May 2023, Paramount Research Triangle Consortium (RTC) Uganda together with the Feed the Future Uganda Inclusive Agricultural Markets (FtF IAM) Activity, facilitated a stakeholder meeting to develop a Gender Based Violence (GBV) referral pathway with the Kapchorwa District. GBV affects the livelihoods, health, and well-being of individuals and their families, hindering the achievement of an inclusive agricultural market system.

To address GBV, the two collaborated with public and private community partners to establish a comprehensive GBV referral pathway system that was to ensure timely and coordinated responses to incidents of GBV. The system involved a network of service providers working together to provide comprehensive support and care to GBV survivors.
The event brought together District Local Government officials including the Local Council V chairpersons of Kapchorwa and Kween districts, civil society organizations, the Uganda Police represented by the District Police Commanders of Kapchorwa and Kween, the District Internal Security Officer (DISO), religious leaders, legal practitioners, traditional leaders, non-government organizations, farmers, and the private sector, to discuss and map out the GBV referral pathway in their community.

Participants identified roles, gaps, and recommendations and developed an implementation plan on how stakeholders will collectively work to help GBV survivors. Moving forward, RTC and FtF IAM used the input from the meeting to create simplified graphics of the referral pathway which will be printed on posters, billboards and pinned in designated places (like the Uganda police offices and near Resident District Commissioner officer as suggested during the meeting) aiming to provide information to GBV survivors.

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