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Sub-County Level Training and Sensitization on Pesticide Use, Health and Environment in Kapchorwa and Kween District

Paramount Research Triangle Consortium (RTC) Uganda in partnership with Uganda National Association of Community and Occupational Health (UNACOH) implemented the Pesticide use, Health and Environment (PHE) project in collaboration with District Local Government of Kapchorwa and Kween which aimed at responsible pesticide use, application and handling at various levels in the districts of Sebei region in Eastern Uganda.

The major objective of the activity was to disseminate the knowledge and information on pesticide use and safety to the farmers, Agro-dealers and community leaders. It involved conducting Sub- County level community training and sensitization meetings to reach a number of individuals particularly targeting the rural farmers and local leaders.

The district technical wing, the district steering committee together with RTC team conducted the training and sensitization in ten (10) sub-counties to 300 women groups of which; Munarya, Chema, Kapteret, Kapchesombe, and Kaptanya are in Kapchorwa; and Binyinyi sub-county, Binyiny Town Council, Benet, Kaptoyoy, and Chepsukunya Town Council are in Kween District. The participants who attended the training were Farmer groups, local leaders, religious leaders, Agricultural extension officers and individuals.

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