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Supporting Markets/Trader Associations (MTA’s) to comply with COVID 19 Protocols in Eastern Uganda

In April 2022, RTC signed a partnership with USAID funded Feed the Future Uganda Inclusive Agricultural Markets (FtF IAM) Activity to strengthen the resilience of Market/Trader Associations (MTA’s) in the market in responding to the pressures and shocks of COVID 19 protocols through Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) approach targeting Kapchorwa Central market in Kapchorwa District. RTC’s approach focused on working with and building capacity of existing management structures, installation of hand washing facilities, renovation of market sanitation facilities/pit latrines and use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs), Behaviour Change Communications (BCC) campaigns and routine learning meetings.

RTC together with the MTA’s worked towards strengthening the response skills and capacity with an aim of protecting the wellbeing of 1,500 people including traders, customers, and suppliers/farmers in the value chain. RTC equipped market associations with the requisite tools and knowledge to implement the measures intended at preventing further spread of the COVID 19 and Ebola Disease.

The outcome of this intervention have made Kapchorwa Central Marketplace well positioned to sustain WASH behaviours and thrive beyond the COVID 19 pandemic leading to improved health outcomes and income of traders in the market.

Also, the capacity of Kapchorwa market associations and the market taskforces has been strengthened to ensure adherence to COVID 19 protocols at the marketplace, increased awareness of COVID 19 protocols among the traders and customers at the marketplace, improved access to hygiene products, PPEs and COVID 19 education materials for traders, improved hygienic conditions and garbage management at the market,  and strengthened relationships between the market and district COVID 19 task forces in Kapchorwa District.

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