Research Triangle Consortium (RTC)

About us

Paramount Research Triangle Consortium (RTC) Uganda often referred as Research Triangle Consortium (RTC) is a non-profit organization that mobilizes resources, builds relationships, and implements strategic community development initiatives geared towards improving the standards of living among socio-economic communities so that people everywhere can access the opportunities they need to lead full, healthy lives. We work to improve the well-being of people and the planet through research, education, service, and advocacy.

RTC’s Approach

Our approach bridges the gap between vigorous research on what works and pilot’s interventions on one hand for communities in need, and institutionalize programs on the other.
We spend time developing bold solutions to comprehensive challenges and crafting measurable results through research and application of scientific innovations. We listen to, learn from and work with communities to expand social and economic equity, improve health and well-being, and strengthen resilience. By bringing together deep expertise and diverse perspectives, we collaborate with partner communities and peer organizations to build enduring networks and expand our collective impact.
In everything we do, we advocate for access and equity for people everywhere, enabling them to create their own paths forward.


  • End Poverty

  • Promote Health Education

  • Ensure access to safe and clean water

  • Improve sanitation

  • Promote environmental management

Core values

  • Professionalism

  • Respect

  • Integrity

  • Inclusivity

  • Commitment

  • Empathy

  • Excellence


  • Health

    To Respond to Public Health Risks, Universal Health Coverage, Health Emergencies and promote Good Health and Well being.

  • Diversity

    To Encourage, Influence and Assist communities to Conserve the Integrity and Diversity of Nature to ensure Equitable and Ecologically Sustainable Natural Resource Use.

  • Knowledge

    To Provide Communities with Diverse Knowledge, Expertise and help Develop Life Essential Skills.

  • Capacity

    To Enhance Capacity of Communities to Design and Implement Policies that Strengthen Health Systems, Foster Food Security, Promote Development and Harness Research, Information and Evidence.