Research Triangle Consortium (RTC)


Biodiversity is the backbone of our sphere and it’s vital to alter our actions and beliefs to end and reverse its decline. RTC uses communication, education, culture, and information to nurture mutual understanding and esteem for the environment. We labour to strengthen the intellectual and decent solidarity of humanity. We convey people together around the view of our shared humanity RTC works towards comprehension of sustained livelihoods for marginalized, under-served and vulnerable groups in Eastern and North Eastern Uganda. Our focus in Mount Elgon biosphere despite its abundant and quality natural resources, has a high proportion of food-insecure people living below the poverty line and contributing significantly to environmental degradation. We target at promoting natural resource governance, climate change resilience and adaptation, and ecosystems management and restoration by ensuring collective local action for sustainable natural resources management in order to improve livelihoods of underserved and marginalized communities. RTC also safeguards biological diversity and enhance social welfare by upholding innovative and sustainable eco-friendly supervision.
We convey conservation finance to where it matters most to hundreds of smallholders undertaking restoration as a business in rural communities. We deploy conservation motivations in ways that enable us to consider investments that others can’t. We deliver conservation finance through innovative community structures and solutions that attract additional capital from private sector to invest in the green opportunities characterized by landscape restoration as a business. We brand innovative restoration investments that promote climate resilient solutions on a commercial basis and crowd-in private sector finance by playing an intermediate role and undertaking leadership in marketing environmental services. All these are to involve and empower socio-economic communities and vulnerable groups to realize and protect their rights and dignity in a context of sustained ecosystems and inclusive governance. Through encouragement, influencing and assisting of lower level local governments to conserve the natural integrity and diversity, we use an integrated approach to reduce threats to biodiversity, making ecosystems more resilient, and strengthening the resilience of local communities and households.