Research Triangle Consortium (RTC)


RTC advocates for more access to affordable essential medicines for the poor and vulnerable people in East and North Eastern Uganda through increased public and community participation at different levels of decision making in medicine policy formulation, implementation (procurement and supply chain) and rational use. Our unique impact to the improvement of medicine access situation consists of three strategic approaches of; Community empowerment among the poor and vulnerable, with information that enables them to distinguish and request for their health right to access essential medications and exercise their health obligation of coherent medicine use. Systems strengthening programs which ensures and maintains an efficient and effective institutions offering high quality services and products. Health advocacy for consumer-responsive health regulations and guidelines at regional or district levels through policy investigation & research, policy design and monitoring its implementation. Extraordinary focus to district health policies, influencing district health plans, bye laws and monitoring implementation.
We also target to save lives at scale by supporting digitally empowered community health workers. We work with governments and partners to influence smart mobile technology, thoroughly strengthen performance, and persistently innovate to cost-effectively deliver high-quality, impactful health services. We are at the forefront of helping communities and partners prevent and control diseases, through response to public health risks, universal health coverage, health emergencies and enhancing capacity of communities in WASH (Water Sanitation and Hygiene) programs. Under these programs we empower citizens, stakeholders and local governments to lead innovative programs and scale up the delivery of preventive, promotive, curative and rehabilitative health services. We’re also building capacity and establishing direction for non-communicable disease advocacy in North Eastern Uganda, including Kenya.